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POSTION TITLE:      Billing Clerk                            20 hours per week starting at $10/hr.

REPORTS TO:           Business Manager or Executive Director (in his/her absence)


The Billing Clerk initiates and maintains the client records and insurance company records of the Center for accounts receivable purposes.


    ·         Maintain communications with Center Office Staff.  Report any problems that occur with billing or computer equipment immediately to supervisor to avoid any possible lapse in revenue or cash flow.

·         Receive clients, set up for intake information, accept payments and field questions related to the patient and /or insurance company records.

·         Data entry in patient and insurance records

·         Answer phones and coordinate communications with clients, staff, and insurance companies.

·         Prepare and bill insurance claims, paper and electronic, as required by each insurance company.

·         Maintain and update insurance billing records and contact data including internet usernames and passwords.

·         Maintain and update billing procedures as regulations/requirement changes occur.



    ·         Provides verification of client benefits to counselors

·         Prepares and submits insurance claims

·         Follow-up on billed claims, re-billings, and other information from insurance companies required to settle payment as quickly and efficiently as possible.

·         Maintains client files and insurance company payment records.

·         Assists clients and counselors in communicating with insurance companies

·         Maintains up-to-date files and contacts for each insurance company

·         Carries out other duties assigned by the office manager related to billing and or collecting on billings.

·         Providing receptionist services to clients and clinical staff

·         Maintaining insurance collections at an expected 80-90% current status

·         Process client payments made in office, providing receipts, records, etc.



    ·         Proficiency with Excel spreadsheets, accounting and billing software, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Outlook

·         Aptitude in general billing functions and knowledge of basic accounting principles

·         Ability to handle confidential and sensitive information about client services and records in compliance with HIPAA regulations

·         Ability to handle confidential and sensitive information about client credit in compliance with PCI regulations

·         Oral and written communication abilities

·         Ability to organize own workload, take initiative, and carry out directives

·         Commitment to accuracy and consistency in bookkeeping methods and transparency

·         Ability to work with faith communities

·         Ability to interpret the mission of the Center to others

    ·         Medical billing classes/certification from business college/community college/university or four years of experience in Medical Billing with references.

·         Accuracy in recording charges, payments, billing files, etc.

·         Prepare clear and concise reports with commitment to accuracy and consistency in bookkeeping methods

·         Working knowledge of office methods, procedures and equipment

·         Experience in management of client intake, assessment and referral systems

·         Ability to maintain strict confidentiality. Knowledge of HIIPA and PCI Regulations

·         Strong skills in typing, written and verbal language use, and spelling

·         Ability to organize own workload, take initiative, work independently to carry out directives

·         Ability to create a hospitable and smoothly functioning environment for staff, clients, students, and visitors to the Center and to deal professionally and effectively with the public

·         Ability to interpret the mission of the Center to others

·         Participation in sponsoring or affiliated religious congregation or tradition, or at minimum confidence in ability to work within the faith groups affiliated with the Center.

·         Willingness to work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday as these tend to be the days with most billing and payment transactions.



Termination of employment relationship may be undertaken at will, by SCC Board decision with relationship to agency goals and long-range objectives, or at will of and by initiation of the Executive Director in concurrence with Business Manager, Clinical Director or any active member of the SCC Board.


Douglas Chandler,
Mar 13, 2012, 5:48 PM