When You Have More Than One Insurance Plan:

There are specific rules/laws regarding how insurance is billed and paid, especially when there is more than one policy.  Generally, if I can accept both/all of your plans, we will bill your insurance plans for you.  You will then be responsible for only what is remaining, if any. 

Here are some important notes about multiple/double coverage:

  • The plan that pays first is called the "primary" insurance.
  • The plan that pays second, is called the "secondary" insurance.
  • Usually, if I cannot accept one of the plans, the other plan will pay its full (usual) amount, as if you only have one plan.  
  • If you have Tricare (military) or Medicare plans as secondary insurance:  If I cannot accept your primary insurance, then those plans may refuse to cover your care here, so I might be unable to accept your case.
  • Apple Health/Medicaid/some 'Obamacare' plan have specific rules.  See this link for more information.
  • In special circumstances, your situation may have an exception to these rules.  Please let me know if you have such a situation.