Effective January 1, 2018:

I am no longer a contracted provider with TRICARE.  

The Good News:
I am still willing to accept TRICARE, as a non-contracted or out-of-network provider.  I am agreeing to accept cases as a "Participating Provider".  This means that I agree to accept the TRICARE-rates as approved by Congress.  This represents a substantial savings for the member.

The Not-So-Good-News:
Since it is an out-of-network service, the cost-share for the member is likely to be higher than if a contracted provider is seen.  
There are too many factors that determine what coverage each person will have under TRICARE for me to accurately predict the cost-share in each case.  So, it is critical that you find out before you start counseling, so there aren't any surprises.  TRICARE should be able to tell you exactly what your share will be for a Participating Provider.  

Tricare members who obtain a referral from the primary care physician might have a lower cost-share.  I strongly encourage TRICARE members to contact the insurance company directly to find out more.

Please know that I am committed to helping our military families out as much as we can, which is why I am agreeing to accept the TRICARE rate as a Participating Provider.  In addition, CCNPS does offer limited financial assistance, so if the costs are a problem for you, please ask about what assistance may be available.  

----Doug Chandler LICSW