December 17, 2017:

The current insurance company managing TRICARE benefits in our region, United Healthcare/Optum Health, will no longer be the company managing TRICARE benefits after December 31, 2017.  The company that will be managing benefits will be HealthNet Federal Services.

Providing services to military families has been a meaningful part of the services we offer at CCNPS.  Insurance companies authorize specific rates to pay providers for counseling services.   Tricare's authorized fees are paid at a rate lower than the vast majority of, if not all of the other plans we work with.    The contracted rate offered by HealthNet represents a further reduction in fees.  Unfortunately, CCNPS cannot afford to accept the contract offer from HealthNet at this time, so has made the difficult decision to not contract with HealthNet for TRICARE services.  

The Good News:
Starting approximately January 1, 2018, I will become a non-contracted but "Participating" provider. This means that I agree to accept the TRICARE-approved rate as the fee charged.  This represents the same fee as allowed when I was a contracted provider.  This is a large savings for you, compared to paying the full cost yourself.  

The Not-So-Good-News:
Because I will be seeing you through your out of network benefits, your cost likely will be more through a higher cost-share, such as a specific deductible amount to pay, and/or higher copayments. 

There are too many factors that determine what coverage each person will have under TRICARE for me to accurately tell you your share of the costs.  So, it is critical that you find out before you start counseling, so there aren't any surprises.  TRICARE should be able to tell you exactly what your share will be for a Participating Provider.  

Please know that I am committed to helping our military families out as much as we can, which is why I am agreeing to accept the TRICARE rate as a Participating Provider.  In addition, CCNPS does offer limited financial assistance, so if the costs are a problem for you, please ask about what assistance may be available.  

----Doug Chandler LICSW