Psychological Testing

The following services are offered for persons who need psychological testing to determine diagnosis, level of functioning in academic or work setting, and or recommendations for academic placement or psychiatric or psychological treatment:

            Services include: 

  • Review of all relevant medical, educational, social service and mental health records.
  • Phone calls to collaterals (e.g., teachers, medical providers, therapist, daycare providers, etc.)
  • Interview with child/youth and parents/caregivers
  • Psychological testing, including scoring and interpretation of results
  • Feedback session with child/youth, parent, and any relevant service providers (typically at the office) Written report
  • (optional) Observations in the school setting
  • (optional) Meeting with school staff, IEP team

          It is estimated that the evaluation process will involve up to 10-20 hours of psychologist time, depending on complexity of case and extent of evaluation request.  Cost of evaluation is between $1400 and $3000, depending upon the hours spent in testing and out of office hours in observation and meetings, and the extent of the evaluation.   Insurance plans may pay for some or most of the cost of the evauluation, depending on the specific needs and insurance coverage.