March 23, 2011: Accessing a clinician for after-hours crisis support

posted Jan 8, 2012, 2:28 AM by Doug Chandler
We provide an on-call service after hours for current patients.  To improve our service to our patients, we have changed providers, which means our crisis number has changed as well.  The new number is 425-864-5374.  If your counselor manages his or her own crisis calls, then please continue to use the number they provided to you.  
The on-call after hours service is for current patients only, and for urgent clinical matters which cannot wait until the next business day.  For all other matters, please call your counselor at their regular phone number
If you are not a current patient and have an urgent matter that cannot wait, you may contact the crisis line for your area:
Snohomish County:  800-584-3578
King County:  866-4CRISIS or 206.461.3222
or look in the front of your local telephone directory.