Staffed by responsible, trained and supervised volunteers, led by  Ann M Uherek, Psy.D.


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 3 paid staff and several volunteers needed for activities and classes…

Call the Center office for details and interviews



1.   The reading instructor position:


Duties: Plan activities with materials provided, work 1:1 with one to three students at a time on basic reading processes (including identification of letters, phoneme awareness, sound blends, reading words and combinations of words), picture reading skills, spelling, and writing skills.  Able to delegate tasks to volunteers and supervise their work as well.


Requirements: Experience in education settings working with elementary-age children.  Good organizational skills. Some background in teaching or as an instructional assistant.  Proposed pay scale: $12-13 an hour  (This could be a job share position filled by more than one person).



2.   Monitor of FFW program:


Duties:  Monitor the progress of students using the FFW software programs.  Ability to encourage and motivate children with positive reinforcement.


Requirements: Comfort with computers and learning the software parameters for the program.  Ability to complete the introduction to software training program online.  Ability to use manual and follow directions to enroll each student and track their progress in the program.  Ability to print out progress reports and communicate with parents and other team members on the child's progress in the program.  Must be prompt and reliable, and commit to working six hours a day, five days a week, for eight weeks in the summer.

 Proposed pay scale: $8-$9 an hour



3.   Recreation leader/Teacher Assistant

Duties:  Organize arts and crafts activities with a reading/writing component.  Organize and supervise play groups and fun activities/games for small groups of children.


Requirements: Experience organizing play activities and supervising children.  A high level of energy to keep up with active children.  Must be flexible and creative and positive in outlook.   Able to work without close supervision.   Proposed pay scale: $11 an hour


All candidates must pass WA State Justice Dept. background check.

These are temporary employment positions, no benefits, no vacation, etc. 

We will issue W-2's and will withhold taxes based on your W-4

for these positions.