IN CASE OF EMERGENCY:    If there is any concern that this is a life-threatening crisis, seek immediate help by calling 911. 

 If you are current patient in need of an urgent appointment while your provider is on vacation, you may contact the covering clinician during office hours at:  425-610-1265.  The covering clinician will return your call within one business day.  They can then arrange an urgent appointment if needed.  Please note, however, that not all therapists are covered by all plans, so you may be responsible up to the full fee.  If you see Ann Uherek, please follow their instructions for vacation coverage.

CRISIS!  When someone is in a crisis, it can seem overwhelming.  Figuring out where to turn can seem impossible.  If you are urgently seeking help and have found this page, here is some information for you:

Anyone can access free crisis help:
  • Contact your local crisis line.  These can vary by location, are available 24 hours/day for anyone,  and are always free.    You can call 411/directory assistance for the local number, look in the front of a local telephone book, or:
         -Snohomish, Skagit, Island, and Whatcom County residents may call the
Volunteers of America Care Crisis Lineat 800-584-3578.
         -King County residents may call the King County Crisis Clinic at 866-427-4747.

Current patients of Counseling Centers of North Puget Sound:

During business hours:  
  • Contact your therapist directly, at the therapist's office.  

After hours:  
  • Patients of Dr. Uherek should contact her directly for after hours crises.
  • Patients of all other clinicians, may reach our on-call clinician, via our crisis system:  Leave a voicemail message at: 425-610-1265.    The on-call counselor will return your call.  

Note: There  may be fees associated with extended crisis assistance, which is typically not covered by insurance plans.  For all non-crisis matters, contact the specific clinician or the business office directly.