Doug Chandler Availability Calendar

Douglas' Availability Calendar:
This calendar is for current patients only.  

 Locations and hours:
Appointment times vary by the day of the week.  Appointments start as early as 8:00AM.  The last appointments may start as late as 5:00PM.  I do not work weekends and evenings. I am out on all major holidays.

Snohomish:  Monday
Everett:  Tuesday
Mount Vernon:   Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.
(subject to change)

How to schedule an appointment:
1)  Find possible appointment times.  
  • Look over the calendar.   Appointment times begin on the hour, usually.  
    • Spots marked as "busy" are not available.  
    • Unmarked spots are possibly available.
  • For best results, pick out a few possible times which may work for your schedule. 
    NOTE: the later afternoon times are often taken, even if they may show as 'available'.
2)  Contact me directly, to request an appointment.  Let me know which ones fit your schedule. 
(Sorry, but you cannot schedule an appointment on this website)
3)  I will then offer you an appointment from your list, if available.
4)  Then, we both confirm the appointment, and we are set.

Douglas Chandler, LICSW