Current Information about Douglas' Practice

 General Notes:  
  • Currently, I am nearly full.  If I have openings, I will call you back within a few days.  Otherwise, I will call you back when there are openings in my schedule.  I am currently booking out about 3 weeks for new appointments.  

APPOINTMENT INFORMATION:  Initial appointments are typically scheduled for 60 to 90 minutes.  After that, individual counseling sessions are typically 45 minutes long.  60 min sessions may be available, if it is needed to best help your situation. 

  • Current patients may access my appointment calendar.
  • I am in Snohomish on Mondays, Everett on Tuesdays, and in Mount Vernon on Wednesday’s, Thursdays and Fridays. I am not available evenings or weekends.  
  • I have appointments as early as 9:00 AM, and my last appointment of the day  is typically between 3 and 5pm. 
  • Openings for new patients are, generally,  during the middle of the day or mornings.
  • Late afternoon appointments:  I know that this is a priority for many people due to work or school.  Please note that these appointment times are: 
         *Reserved for existing patients.
         *For 60 minute appointments only.
NEW PATIENTS:  Openings for new patients are going to be during the middle of the day, generally between about 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM.  Initial appointments for new patients may be from 1-3 weeks out, depending on location and day/time needed.  You may leave me a voicemail message or email me for more information.  It may take a number of days to return phone calls. Email is faster, but please note that email is not confidential. 
You will need to complete new patient forms from my page, and bring them to your first appointment.   I need to have the forms completed prior to your appointment.  If you are unable to print the forms at home, please let me know so I can have them ready for you when you arrive.  Then, please plan to arrive at least 20 minutes before your appointment time, to allow time to complete the forms. 

INSURANCE INFORMATION:   There are too many insurance plans for me to know exactly which ones will pay for counseling here, so it is the patient's responsibility to check on coverage with me and/or your insurance company.  I do accept  most insurance plans. 

I am accepting new Medicare patients on a limited basis.
I am able to accept TRICARE members, as an out-of-network provider.   
Employee Assistance Plans:  Many employers provide counseling services through Employee Assistance Plans (EAP).  These can be a very useful and less expensive option for many patients.  While I am contracted with a number of EAP plans, I am generally not accepting EAP referrals.  Please ask if you wish to use your EAP plan.

Preauthorization:  A very few number of health plans require a doctor's referral or other pre-authorization for the insurance to cover counseling services.    Because of the way these types of plans work, I have been forced to only schedule appointments for patients with these plans after I receive the written authorization letter from the insurance plan.  I may make exceptions to this policy as appropriate, but it is important to contact your company right away to prevent delays in getting your appointment, or having your first appointment cancelled.

If I am not on your plan:  If I do not accept your plan, you may be able to see me under your out of network benefit, or with an exception to policy (often referred to a 'single case agreement').  Check with your insurance carrier for more information.   I do accept patients who wish to self-pay.  

Sometimes, your health plan is not your health plan for counseling services.  Please be aware that many insurance plans use a separate insurance company to handle mental health/counseling benefits.  So that you only have to pay for the amount of the bill you should be responsible for, it is important that you make sure you are covered for counseling with me under your specific plan.  Even if I am a provider for the insurance company that provides the majority of your benefits, I may not be a provider for the company that handles the counseling benefits.

Have more than one insurance plan?  We will try to utilize both plans for your best benefit.  However, if I am not a provider for one of the plans, you may be responsible for the remaining balance.

Plans I do not  accept:
  • CIGNA, 
  • Medicaid/Apple Health/Provider 1 (Sometimes, I am able to accept those plans.  Please ask.)
  • Most Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) plans that are subsidized.
  • Most Humana plans
  • Labor and Industries ("L&I")
  • Crime Victims Compensation (CVC).  
  • Adoption Support
  • VA Choice
  • Military One Source


FINANCIAL AID:  We do offer some financial assistance, on a limited basis to those that qualify. Ask me if you have any questions about financial aide/assistance.  Currently I do not have any funds available to assist with the cost of care.  
 If you would like to donate to help cover the costs for those who cannot afford the full cost of care, please contact us.

COUNSELING FOR LEGAL PURPOSES: I do not provide counseling in order to provide reports or testimony for any legal process such as:  parenting evaluations, for use in divorce or child custody proceedings, or for the purposes of evaluating for disability, fitness for duty, competency, school/workplace threat or safety assessments, or for the purposes of providing forensic evaluations to any party. If the counseling is part of a court order, or involves anyone under the age of 18 who is or maybe part of a parenting plan/custody dispute, we will need to discuss this prior to schedule an appointment.  If needed, I can provide to the patient, a letter which verifies only the dates of treatment.