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We are pleased to announce that Diane Nash-McFeron, PhD has joined our clinical staff.  Diane works with a wide arrange of issues and ages.

We say goodbye to one of our original therapists, who opened our Everett First Presbyterian office.  Laverne Sugamele retired from our agency well before I arrived here in 2003.  Despite the time that has passed, I still continue to hear loving references to Laverne.  She has had a lasting impact on CCNPS as well as on the community she served.  Laverne died March 9, 2018, at the age of 85.  Laverne, thank you for blessing us with your years of service and presence. 
                                                                        -Douglas Chandler LICSW

Laverne Sugamele Obituary  

You have made a major step forward just by looking for help.  We hope you have come to the right place.  Counseling Centers of North Puget Sound (CCNPS) provides outpatient counseling services in many communities of the North Puget Sound region.  

Our goal is to make counseling services available to more people, by being affordable and nearby. As such, we are in multiple locations, and are able accept most insurance plans (specific plans vary by provider).   Also, in partnership with many of the congregations in the churches we serve, we can make our services affordable to those with limited resources-- through the use of adjusted fee scales, and/or scholarships as our resources allow. If you need financial aide to access counseling, please inquire directly with a counselor while you are requesting an appointment.

Counseling Centers of North Puget Sound is generously supported by:  local congregations, charitable/service groups, and individuals.  It is without exaggeration to say that without this support, we would be unable to do our work.  We thank you all!
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